Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Muhammad Airil Ihsan

A Gift

When i first knew that there's another human being inside this lil tummy of mine, i feel so excited! No one knows how happy i am. Hubby and i went to KKH (kandang kerbau hospital) to do follow-ups on this lil unborn. We went scanning, hearing the heartbeat of the baby, and see the movement of the baby. When i reach 2nd trimester, which is 5 months preggy, we went to scanning for gender. And this was my favourtie part! Airil doesnt want to open his legs wide, so my gynae unable to see his genitals. So we tried again, this time i touch my stomach, pressed it gently with my 2 fingers. AND suddenly he open up his legs wide. and TA-DA! ITS A BOY! hehe! I'm so grateful thanks to Allah SWT who gave me a son for my first child. REZEKI (: Until now, when Airil enters this world, everyone was happy and excited. His smiles and laughters makes us love him even more. He is too friendly and not afraid of anyone but that will be an disadvantage also ): but alhamdulillah everything went smoothly til now. He is my life, my soul, my heartbeat, my everything. Thank you Allah for giving me such a wonderful son!